Apprenticeships – Get Involved! 

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme designed around the needs of employers. The training is flexible and predominantly ‘hands-on’ taking place at the employer’s premises as well as at the chosen training providers.

An apprenticeship allows an employer to give a young person the opportunity to earn and learn while working towards nationally recognised qualifications.

“Nearly every employer that takes on an apprentice (96%) reports benefits to their business. 72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice.”

Could you offer an Apprenticeship?

  • Is your business interested in supporting young people into employment?
  • Could you teach, guide & support an apprentice(s)?
  • Are you able to employ & pay the apprenticeship salary?
  • Could you allow sufficient time when required for the apprentice to attend college?

If you have answered YES to the majority of these questions then scroll down to find out how to get involved and offer an apprenticeship…

Why should you be involved & What will you get?

Offering an apprenticeship not only gives a young person an invaluable opportunity to learn and earn but it also allows you as a business to benefit and grow from the experience.

Employing an apprentice will give you:

A committed workforce: Apprentices are highly motivated, keen to learn and willing to get stuck in with daily tasks, duties and responsibilities

–  A pipeline of fresh recruits: Apprentices are loyal; they bring new ideas and a fresh perspective and are keen to learn, earn and work

Lower salary costs: The national minimum wage for an apprentice is £2.68

Access to funding: The government notice employers who take on apprentices, various local and national funding schemes are available to help you with employment costs and hire of an apprentice

How to get involved? A step-by-step guide


Have you researched apprenticeships?

Could your business offer the right skills & accommodate an apprentice?


Find a provider that is suitable for your business, ensure they can cater for your needs and expectations


With your training providers guidance apply for eligible funding that you are entitled to


Advertise your apprenticeship opportunity through your training provider, social media & word of mouth


Interview a selection of people that meet your specifications & requirements to ensure the correct candidate is chosen for the position


Congratulations you have employed an apprentice. Remember to support, teach, guide & mentor them. They could become a future member of your staff…

Visit our Local & National Training Providers page to find a training provider that suits your business needs and aims

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tSpace’s top 8 employer tips:

Provide regular feedback to your apprentice

Motivate & encourage your apprentice

Utilise your chosen training provider for guidance, support and assistance

Research apprenticeships before hand to gain a better understanding

Learn from previous employer apprenticeship experiences

‘Try before you commit’: Offer a work experience placement before offering an apprenticeship

Research and apply for funding that is available to you

Visit the tSpace case study page to gain an insight in apprenticeships and how they could impact your business. CLICK HERE

Employer Advice:

‘My experiences are that employing an apprentice furthers the scope of the business and the career of the young person too. It offers a valuable work experience in an organised and structured work-day way. Over a period of time a young person can develop and grow up into their role and gain respect from customers and their industry of hairdressing.’

– Gill Goddard, Gill Goddard Hair