Why employ a Graduate?

Graduates could benefit your business. Recruiting new talent brings fresh ideas, drive, passion and enthusiasm to your business, project and workforce. Through their studies graduates build up a series of work ready skills which are highly useful and important to employers and their industries.

With the right opportunities, development and stimulation graduates usually return the financial investment made in them several times over.

76% of employers who employed a graduate saw an increase in productivity

Could you offer a Graduate Role?

  • Does your business need a fresh perspective?
  • Could you provide a suitable role for a university graduate?
  • Can you offer a competitive salary and experience?
  • Are you/your business able to offer the correct graduate support & training?

If you have answered YES to the majority of these questions then scroll down to find out how to get involved and offer a Graduate role…

What will you get?

Employing a Graduate not only gives a young person a invaluable opportunity to start they’re career  but it also allows you as a business to benefit and develop from the experience.

Employing a Graduate will give you:

– An investment: It might be cheaper to employee a graduate; the average starting salary for a graduate is 16k-20k

– A fresh perspective: Graduates fresh from university can bring new ideas, enthusiasm and passion to your business

– A mouldable employee: Employing straight from university allows you to mould and direct a graduate to your business

– An adaptable employee:  Not only can graduates adapt to a new working environment but they can also adapt their range of university skills



Could you offer a competitive job role for a graduate offering the correct skills,responsibilities and opportunities?


Ensure you create a clear, appealing job description. Include the skills you are looking for, a person specification, expected responsibilities and duties as well as relevant work experience that you need.


Advertise your role through local university websites, social media platforms, job centre and word of mouth


Look through all the received applications and select candidates that you believe fit the job specification and would be an asset to your business. The interview process can begin…


Once you have interviewed short list the top candidates and offer them a second interview.. It’s make your mind up time.


Once you believe you have found the right candidate offer them the position. If they accept you have now employed a graduate into your team.

For more information get in touch with Grads for Growth today…

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Power your business with dynamic graduates

Local businesses need support and investment, talented graduates need meaningful employment: welcome to Grads for Growth, an exciting way to achieve both goals.

If you’re an SME with a six to nine month innovation project that would suit an ambitious graduate, we can help take the strain.

What’s in it for you?

We will help you to specify your innovation project and then assist in the recruitment of an ambitious graduate to deliver the project. We will continue our support via expert mentors and a dedicated Business Development Team. You’ll enjoy access to the latest academic thinking through our partnerships with leading universities in the South West. There’s also a significant project investment fund to help offset some of the costs!

You can download more information on what Grads for Growth offer :  GfG- Project Info for SMEs

tSpace’s top 5 employer tips:

Be selective in choosing which universities you approach with your graduate job opportunity

Ensure the interview process is effective and purposeful. Find the right graduate to fit the position

Be clear about the career development opportunities in the job description

Understand & research what a graduate role is before hiring to ensure you have the correct training, support and responsibilities for the chosen candidate