Manufacturing Activities Designed to Engage

The MADE pilot is supporting and encouraging business and educators to work collaboratively to develop activities which challenge and stimulate in order to ensure young people are sufficiently equipped with the necessary skills and competencies required to be employed within the Manufacturing sector, and to progress throughout the lifetime of their careers.

Additionally this project is also looking to raise the profile of careers within the manufacturing sector and of the opportunities available locally, both now and for the future.

From May 2015, the Torbay MADE Pilot is delivering a series of manufacturing focussed activities designed to inspire, motivate and engage participants in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning from Primary School, through secondary school into further education and beyond.

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We’re working with…

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Manufacturing Challenge Activity

Secondary schools across Torbay are getting involved through curriculum-based Design & Technology (D&T) lessons for their year 7 & year 8 students.

Each school has a partner manufacturing business who is acting as their school mentor and supporting them through the challenge activity.

Students are separated into teams and use a laser cutter to design, test and produce an item which will promote their business to customers, at trade shows and anywhere else.

The teams compete against each other to become the School Champion team which will represent the school at the inter-school challenge finals at the TechBay: Engineering Your Future event in November 2016.

What is engineering?

Engineers make things that make our lives better using the application of scientific knowledge to solving problems in the real world, offering a well-paid career with many opportunities to travel around the world.

Problems are an engineer’s inspiration and maths and science are the tools they use to solve them.

Engineering is everywhere, in many places that you might not even consider, and is behind everything from your smartphone to the shoes on your feet

For example the electronic device you are reading this on was engineered from raw plastic, metal, silicon and lines of software code before being transformed into a useable device. Pretty cool hey?

Section breakdown…

  1. What is engineering?

  2. Women in Engineering

  3. Company Visits

  4. Work Placements

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Did you know?

Torbay is nationally recognised as one of the top locations for electronics and photonics expertise in the UK, and as a result employs more than 1000 people in these industries alone?

In fact local companies design, test and make products from mobile phone components, GPS technology, gas turbines, taps, action figures and everything in between. They do this for a wide-range of customers including many major mobile phone companies, Rolls Royce, NASA and the European Space Agency.

Torbay has particular strengths in optical systems, defence, medical, manufacturing and satellite technologies.

In the South West alone over 16,000 people with engineering skills are needed every year between now and 2022 to meet current demand and, in order to meet this demand, we need double the number of graduates and apprentices entering engineering every year!


Women in engineering

Girls make excellent engineers and their contribution is vital for Torbay to be successful in the UK and abroad.

But we need more women in engineering. Less than a quarter of all girls between 11-16 years know what they need to do to become an engineer. 3% of engineering apprenticeships were taken up by women in 2013-14.

Still need to help your parents understand what an engineer is, what they do, the different routes into engineering, the range of careers and why you want to be an engineer then get them to look at this.

Become part of the world’s most important professions. Now is the time to engineer your future!

Not convinced about the opportunities in engineering?

Watch these videos:

Company visits

We have a number of locally based engineering companies who are supporting the Torbay MADE Pilot and without whom the activities would not be successful.

Alongside supporting the Manufacturing Challenge Activity each of these companies provide opportunities for groups of students to visit their premises and see how the learning they have been participating in can be applied in the ‘real world’ of manufacturing.

Work placements

Each of the companies is also supporting at least one, 1-week, work experience placement for a young person, aged 14-18 years of age.

Delivered in partnership with Education Business Partnership South West and accredited by Industrial Cadets, the businesses are supported to create and deliver a substantial work experience which will not only benefit the student but the business as well.

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