Congratulations on successfully completing your course and receiving your degree


Being a graduate is never easy – now’s the time to leave the student life behind and begin your career.
Torbay is the ideal location to start your career, offering a lot of opportunities in many sectors.


What is a graduate job?

Graduate jobs, as the name suggests, are open to people who hold a graduate degree. Some schemes will only accept those with an industry-specific qualification, whereas others are open to all graduates.

Section breakdown…

  1. How to get a graduate job?

  2. Why be a graduate in Torbay?

  3. Graduate internships

  4. Hints, tips & career advice

  5. Useful links

So, how can I get a graduate job?

Getting your first job is never easy, and being a graduate is no exception. Now you have a degree you need to decide on your career path and how you can reach your goals and ambitions.
As a starting point in finding a graduate job or place on a graduate scheme, it is important to analyse your own C.V. and identify your key strengths, achievements and what you can offer. You’ve probably been thinking about it since you started your course, but decide which industry you’d like to work in. It isn’t the end of the world if you change your mind later down the line however, as many people successfully move to different sectors or retrain later in life.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your career goal & what industry is it in?
  • What industries would you like to work in?
  • Is your C.V strong enough to apply for a graduate or non-graduate position?
  • Have you researched possible job roles you would like to do?

Once you know what you want to do, start looking for opportunities.

When looking for a graduate job it is important to stay focused, remain calm and think positive.
You will find a job position that suits you.

Visit Graduate Jobs for more advice on how to find a graduate job


Always tailor your C.V. to the role you’re applying for and highlight relevant skills and achievements

What makes Torbay good for graduates?

Many people don’t realise that there are lots of opportunities for graduates here in Torbay. You don’t have to leave for London or another city to start your career, you can do it right here in the English Riviera.

Here are several reasons why Torbay is great for graduates:

  • Cheaper living costs/rent/travel than other cities in the UK

  • Ideal working location – who wouldn’t want to live near the sea?

  • Competitive starting salaries

  • Great access to Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol and London

  • Established businesses with progression opportunities

  • A range of networking events

Graduate Internships

With competition fierce for many roles it’s important to make yourself stand out from other applicants. Getting a degree is no longer enough to secure your future.

Visit Graduate Talent Pool for information on making the most out of your graduate internship

  • Experience the world of work

  • Get that highly desired experience

  • Gain industry knowledge and insider tips

Employers are interested in experience and achievements as well as qualifications and skills.

Completing an internship gives you an edge. It shows an employer that you are highly capable of working, taking on responsibility and adapting your skills.


For more information on how and why to get an internship visit our internship section.

Hints, Tips & Career Advice

HINT:  Is your C.V and Cover Letter professional, informative and show what you’re capable of?

TIP: Ensure that your profile on paper, online and in person is a true representation of yourself

CAREER ADVICE: Don’t go it alone, talk to your careers adviser at your university, they know what they are talking about!

HINT: Get job savvy, start looking for jobs early, think outside the box, be proactive, be flexible and be realistic!

TIP: Be commercially aware; know what is going on in the labour market and in your favoured job sector

CAREER ADVICE: Unsure of where you want to go with your degree? Look into careers advice and further study options

HINT: Get involved in the working world; get thinking, get experience, get networking and get career advice from your university

TIP: Keep motivated, looking for a full time job is like a roller coaster, keep your mind busy and get yourself a part-time job or a volunteering role

CAREER ADVICE: Get the edge! Boost your skills and interests by putting your skills into practise by doing something you enjoy

HINT: Make use of LinkedIn and create a professional profile which can act as a portfolio of your experience and endorsements

TIP: Have a positive go-get attitude when finding a job that is right for you

CAREER ADVICE: Go to career fairs, events and presentations that are available for you to interact with employers, your chosen career area and a working industry

What next?

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Useful Links

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