An interview is a meeting between yourself and your future employer. It is an opportunity for you to sell your strengths, experiences and knowledge to a company representative and show them how suitable you are for the chosen job position.

There are several types of interviews you may experience ranging from formal interviews, group interviews, phone interviews, informal interviews, video interviews etc

How important is an interview

Being offered an interview means you have successfully passed the first stage of getting the position you applied for. It shows that you have made a good first impression on the person(s) from the information you stated on your CV,over letter or application form.

‘You could be the person they are potentially looking for to fit the candidate requirements and position.’

Section breakdown…

  1. How important is an interview

  2. What to expect at an interview

  3. How to prepare for an interview

  4. Do’s and don’ts of an interview

  5. Useful links

What to expect at an interview…

It is extremely important to attend an interview. It is your opportunity to sell your strengths, establish conversation surrounding the position and company and to impress the employer with your skills and experience to show what you could bring to the advertised role.
Your interview is an opportunity to interact through discussion with your future employer. This is your chance to make an impact on your interviewer and leave a lasting impression.


  1. To be asked questions regarding yourself, the role, the company
  2. To partake in role play and group discussions if you are involved in a group
  3. To give personal pitches or presentations
  4. To be assessed from the moment you meet your interviewer

“Be so good, they can’t ignore you.”

Steve martin

How to Prepare for an Interview

An interview stands between you and your future role. It is imperative to prepare for your interview prior to the day.
  • Know the role you are applying for and what it entails

  • Know the company that will be potentially hiring you, what do they do, how do they function, what is there website like etc

  • Know your skills, experience and knowledge that specifically applies to the advertised role

  • How will the interview process be conducted; one-to-one interview, panel interview, group interview?, be prepared so you know what to expect

  • Plan how to get to your interview; Whether you will be travelling by car, bus, train or walking you must plan your journey time to allow for traffic or any issues that could effect the time you arrive.

‘Remember to aim to arrive 15 minutes early to your interview as it never looks good when you arrive late’

  • Decide what you are wearing the day before, dress for your job role and always look smart. [Remember the smarter you look the more confident you feel.]

  • Research into what questions they could potentially ask you and what your answers could potentially be, so think of examples of where you have used your skills & experiences in certain situations

  • Lastly print a copy of your C.V off just so you have it to refer to


Smile and enjoy the experience

Shake hands with your interviewer(s) (do not be afraid to offer your hand first)

Show enthusiasm, be positive about yourself

Use your personal  experiences to answer question

Take your time when answering each question

Be honest with yourself and give honest answers

Keep focused and engaged

Ask suitable questions relating to the advertised position at the end of the interview

Take your CV and any other suitable content e.g. portfolio of work


Be late to your interview

Lie, you will always get found out

Argue with the interviewer(s)

Criticise previous employers/ job roles

Swear, use slang words or be rude

Slouch or look unimpressed

Appear arrogant, there is a big difference between arrogance and  confidence

Only talk about your wage or salary

Read and answer from your personal notes

Keep your mobile phone on

What Next?

Feeling like your prepared for an interview?

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