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This site enables young people in Torbay the opportunity to help themselves by absorbing information so they can improve their own career prospects and ambitions. tSpace has not just been created as another website, tSpace is here to make a difference to the current issue of youth unemployment in Torbay.


Our Aims are:

– To encourage young people to utilise the advice, support, Information and guidance that is currently available to them nationally and locally.

– To encourage local businesses to give back to their community by offering opportunities and experience to the younger generation


Reaching our aims will allow us to successfully impact the local economy and make a difference to the future development of Torbay.

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Together 4 Torbay

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tSpace for YOU the Employer…

tSpace has not just been created and designed for young people in Torbay it has also been designed for local employers to access information, support and guidance when employing/offering an opportunity to a young person(s).

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National & Local Schemes

It is important as a business to give back to your local community BUT it is also just as important for the local and national schemes to give back to businesses.

Torbay Development Agency £500 Apprenticeship Grant

After offering the TDA £500 Apprenticeship Grant we have been inundated with applications.We are very pleased to announce that all the available spaces have been filled with a variety of local employers offering 1-4 apprenticeship positions.

We are now offering employers the opportunity to join a reserve waiting list. Please contact us for more information, eligibility requirements and number of spaces.

For more information on the TDA Apprenticeship Grant contact us today!  In partnership with the Skills Funding Agency.


National Apprenticeship Service

AGE 16 to 24: Additional Funding Approved

The Government has approved additional Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) funding. It has allocated £85 million for this financial year and £85 million for 2015 to 2016.

This follows the on from the announcement by the Chancellor earlier this year in his Budget Statement to further encourage small businesses to take on more Apprenticeships.

The revised scheme begins from January 2015 focusing entirely on small businesses (those with fewer than 50 employees). Under the new eligibility rules, employers will be able to draw down a maximum of five grants, each with a value of £1,500

For more information please visit the National Apprenticeship Service

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