Everyone is different when it comes to employment and the route they take.



There is never one way when it comes to deciding what you want to do with your career, however there is always the right way and that way… suits you. No-one is the same and therefore everyone’s journey into employment will not be the same. There are various different routes available depending on your preferred career area, your qualifications and the skills you have, want and need.

Section breakdown…

  1. Your employment options

  2. Different routes

  3. Everyone is different case studies

  4. What do you want to be and how?

  5. Useful links

Your Employment Options

Making decisions about a future career as a young person is not easy and therefore should not be rushed. It is important to understand and consider the different options, opportunities and routes that are available to you.

Remember this is your career and it is your decision, explore the tSpace to find out what route is best for you!

Different Routes

Apprenticeships, Internships, Work Experience Placements, Volunteering, University, Extra Qualifications, Traineeships

Some people presume that after school you go to college and after college you go to university and after university you get a job, however this is very far from the truth, you do NOT HAVE to go to university to get a job. Each of the above routes is different and appeal to different people with different career aspirations.

You do not have to be academic to be successful and secure a job. There are alternative routes that allow you to gain the correct skills, knowledge and qualifications that could see you secure full-time employment.


If an entry level position arises you should grasp the opportunity as it will allow you to gain ‘one step in the door’ with future prospects of working your way up the career/ company ladder.

ALERT tSpace Tip:

Part –time work

If you can’t find an opening for your dream job position you should always consider a temporary or part-time position, this will enable you to receive an income, build your CV, gain new experiences, increase your skill set and act as a stepping stone towards  your desired career.

– Explore tSpace for more specific information on each route into employment.

– For more information and guidance on what route you could take to get into employment, talk to a career advisor from the National Careers Service or contact your local Jobcentre Plus to speak to an advisor.

Everyone is different

Below are case studies that show how different routes into employment can lead to successful employment outcomes. Click on each link to view a success story.

Meet Arron 

Business & Administration

 Meet Chloe

Interested in Fashion

Meet You?

 Contact us 

If you are on a Work Experience Placement, Apprenticeship, Internship or Traineeship then get in touch and let us know, we would love to hear your story and post it on the tSpace so people can learn from your experience, hear your story and our users can meet you!

What do you want to be and how…

To gain a better understanding of what you need to do to reach your dream job role visit both South Devon College and the National Careers Service. They both offer job profiles that give you an insight into what it takes to get your dream job.

Visit the National Careers Service Job Profiles and find everything you need to know about your chosen job role.

Each National Careers Service Job profile identifies:

  • The work load and hours

  • Income and Starting Salary

  • Entry Requirements

  • Training and Development

  • Skills, Interests and Opportunities

The job profiles allow you to explore the possibilities your future may hold.

Explore i want to be and find out how you can become what you want to be with South Devon College’s help.

Each i want to be identifies:

  • What is expected in your dream job role…

  • What skills are necessary to be able to get your chosen job role…

  • The course and skills you can learn at college to be able to do your dream job role…

  • A short Careers Box film on your chosen dream job

  • How completing a college course can impact your future career prospects

If you want to pursue your dream career and could see yourself studying at college, visit our local & national training providers section to find a college and course that is perfect and local to you.


No-one is the same, everyone should follow their own route into employment.

What Next?

Want to start your route into employment today? these links will help...


Ever thought about becoming an apprentice? Ever wanted to earn while you learn? Click the link to view our apprenticeships section.

Internships and Work Experience Placements

Want to gain industry knowledge and experience to add to your C.V? Visit our internship and work experience placement section with great hints and tips to help you get your first placement.