T4T Pledge Campaign

Together 4 Torbay

Working together to improve youth unemployment in Torbay

The T4T campaign encourages local businesses to support young people throughout Torbay into employment through the use of apprenticeships, work experience placements, internships, mentoring and employment.

This campaign provides a platform of opportunities and knowledge for the younger generation of Torbay, allowing them to gain a variety of new skills, training and experiences from local successful businesses.

Support the T4T campaign today by pledging opportunities no matter how big or small that you are able to offer; from offering an apprenticeship placement to providing career advice. Your pledge will make a difference to a young person’s life, career and aspirations in Torbay.

If you are a local provider or business and would like to be involved in the T4T pledge campaign or with tSpace then please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

Our Mission is to…

Recruit local businesses to join the T4T campaign, pledging to create employment opportunities, training and skill development for young people in Torbay.

Encourage local employers to offer 80 new apprenticeship placements to support, train and mentor local  talent.

Together 4 Torbay is essential to ensure local business growth, expansion and sustainability of our local economy.


 For more information and to pledge your part please fill in the contact form opposite and we will be in touch! Thank you for your interest and commitment to T4T.

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Our 4 Outcomes

– Local economy grows
– Local businesses expand
– Local young people are in successful employment
– Inspire and support emerging talent in Torbay

Why T4T needs you…

Youth unemployment is a challenge in Torbay with most recent unemployment figures showing that over 400 18-24 year olds are unemployed. This is higher than the national average.

The key to ensuring growth, expansion and development in Torbay is to provide young people with the correct knowledge, training and skill set to guarantee the next generation is a strong, working, skilled generation.

Inspiring this generation will benefit the future success and investment of Torbay.

The benefits of T4T

– Learning and partaking in new experiences
– Engage in new opportunities in your industry area
– To advise, help ,support and develop a young person
– Increase your productivity, performance and profits
– Increase your recognition and reputation
– Increase your future workforce numbers
– Increase new partnership possibilities
– Opportunity for free marketing
– Opportunity to get involved with different aspects of the area including events, forums etc
– A better understanding of your community

Your 4 Results

– Increase your productivity, performance and profits
– Increase your recognition and reputation
– Increase your future workforce numbers
– Increase new partnership possibilities

The Future of T4T

The success of T4T depends on forming partnerships between businesses and local young people. We know that we can reach our targets with your help. The more successful the pledge campaign is the more T4T will expand, grow and become even more influential.

We want T4T to be recognised around Torbay, South Devon and on a national scale, and with YOUR help it can be.

For more guidance, advice and support on how you can advertise and employ an apprentice(s) for your business, offer a work experience placement or utilise graduates contact your local suitable training provider.

Visit our Local & National Training Providers page for a wide variety of providers

How important is it to be involved

tSpace has been created to self- help young people in Torbay. In order to make a difference and impact our local economy it is extremely important for local businesses/ companies to interact with the tSpace project by offering their services to the young people in the area. Without the interest, partnership and passion from the local community Torbay will not develop and expand. The tSpace and the T4T pledge campaign offers opportunities, support and options to the younger generation of the Bay.

Join the T4T pledge campaign, be involved with community projects and make a difference to the young people of Torbay.

Thank you…

tSpace would like to thank all our partners and local providers for giving new opportunities to  young people in Torbay.

Click here, to view the local businesses that have pledged!

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