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Advise and Mentor a young person on their career aspirations…

Becoming a mentor allows a young person the chance to gain advice, insight and knowledge from someone that knows the working world, specific industry and economy. Giving your time and expertise will encourage and influence a young persons drive, passion and ambition to succeed in life and employment.

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T4T pledge campaign

Working together to improve youth unemployment in Torbay

The T4T campaign encourages local businesses to support young people throughout Torbay into employment through the use of apprenticeships, work experience placements, internships, mentoring and employment.

WHAT can you get…

  • Improve your own personal professional development and management skills
  • Create future relationships, possible employees and business partners
  • Gain an insight and relationship with the younger generation
  • Strengthen local economy by increase of employment numbers and possible business start ups

Join the T4T pledge campaign today and be a part of creating the future of Torbay.